Pilates Reformer Class

The Reformer is a powerful apparatus for strengthening your entire body. You will be amazed by the diversity of movements that the machine allows. The carriage (top) glides smoothly on a set of wheels. Resistance is adjustable due to a series of springs under the carriage. The result is a resistance work out with no impact, so no wear and tear on the joints. 

The Reformer can be intimidating at first so if you are new to it please alert the teacher. Arrive early for a tutorial or contact us to set up a short private before moving into a group setting. This is especially advised if you have injuries that may require modifications. A group class can be modified to accommodate your specific needs. Classes are small, six people or less. Ask questions when you are not sure and always know every movement is optional if you feel it isn't right for your body. 


Barre Class

Barre  fitness is the shortcut you have been looking for to your ascetic fitness goals. The class will begin with a warm up followed by an arm sculpting series with light weights. Thigh work will be next. We use the barre to do perfect form squats. Next is the seat series, rest assured your posterior will be worked from every angle. We follow up with core and balance out with stretch. You won't leave a barre class in a puddle of sweat but you will see results, and quickly. In as little as few sessions a week you will see results. Tone, tighten, lift and sculpt every part of your body.

What makes Barre different at Core Elements? We teach with the principles of Pilates in mind. Hallmarks of mainstream barre, the 'turn out' and 'the tuck' are used in moderation and always balanced with opposite movements. Results are great, but overall wellness and safety is always the first priority. We want you feeling good, and strong now and for years to come.  


Private Training 

Individual Training

Privates are ideal for clients who are new to Pilates, have injuries that require additional modifications or simply do best with individual attention.  A private session begins with a postural analysis. Keeping in mind your personal fitness goals we come up with a personalized wellness plan for you.  Form and safety will be emphasized as we move trough hand picked exercises. If mainstreaming to group classes is your goal we will  introduce you to all aspects of the Refomer and assure you are confident with the machine.

  • $65 per session 10 session for $550

Duets and Small Groups

  • Duets $35 per person

  • Small Groups (3-7) $25 per person

Please Call or text Jess to Schedule 410-271-4193