Memberships and Rates


Gold Level Members

This is our highest level of membership for clients who are committed to being here a minimum of three times per week. Gold members can expect optimal results. With a studio membership you become part of our family and allow us to lead your fitness journey.  Member benefits include personal coaching and complimentary postural analysis. We offer optional fitness tracking as well so you can see your progress. 

Gold Barre

$69 per month for 12 months includes 40% discount on Reformer classes

Gold Premium-

$135 per month for 12 months includes unlimited Barre and Reformer classes. ($15 fee for cancelations) 

Gold Vacation

$85 one month unlimited Barre or

$150 one month unlimited Barre and Reformer ($15 fee for cancelations) 


Flex Members

Plans for members who are committed to their fitness but have schedules that change weekly or monthly. Flex memberships give you two to three month windows to use classes. Perfect for clients who call the beach home during the summer months. Flex memberships are 

Flex 10 in 2 Months

Up to 10 reformer classes in a two month period $180

Flex  20 in 3 Months

Up to  20  Reformer classes  in a  3 month period  $340

Flex 10 Barre in 2 Months  

Up to 10 classes in a two month period  $125

***Flex Pass time periods  begin on day of purchase and expire in the allotted time. We challenge you to use all of your passes in the time given.  Class Passes DO expire after allotted time.


Weekenders and Drop ins 

Not your home studio? Want to try a class out before committing to fitness our program? We welcome you. All of our classes are inviting an open to all fitness levels.  These packages may be shared with a family member. 

Reformer Drop in $25

Barre Drop in $15

10 Refomer Classes   (12 month expiration) $220

10 Barre Classes (12  month expiration) $150